Another nu crush

Well the work camp has over. I experienced good lesson, that I have to be more mature. I was just still a kid, apparently. Maybe until now, even now I am no more a teenager.

I am afraid this could be my last work camp, my dad had warned me. Because of one and the other things.. Well, I dunno. I just can do my best from now, and take as much lessons as I can from this beautiful camp (and also unforgettable).

I wasn’t a good camp leader at all. I was busied by other things outside the camp so I abandoned my responsibility. But apparently the Japaneses and all the participants gave so much respects and helps so that we could make it all together! What a nice team.. I will miss them, for sure. Already now, actually.

I was attracted to one of the participants just because of his physical appearance. But then I also got charmed of his brain and everything. The bottom line is I got crazy by that.. Hua what a weak heart of me… I couldn’t help it. Maybe I can, but I just won’t. Even he already has a girl.

Then I tried to take two lessons from it: I can get rid of my old (previous) crush for now my mind is occupied with the new one, and second one is I heard from someone (my new great friend-MINI) that love doesn’t have to possess. I still can like (if the word love is too terrible-it’s just for Allah, hopefully) him without having his heart.

Well I really want all of the readers to see what he looks like. But that is a ridiculous way to do, for sure..

I have to make the report of the camp, that will be my last thing to do as a campleader. And also the Griya Asa wants me to make an article about the camp.

Jaa, ganbatte kudasai!


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