Approaching Tomorrow

, but I feel nothing! At least, I try to. Since I have to claim myself as a salafi, in no time, I am proud not to feel anything particularly happiness, in approaching the next day. Well yeah, it will be my birthday. I feel nothing, and I am proud of it. Currently I don’t think having a birthday commemoration is necessary. Yes, people will say, it is the time to look back to what we’ve done to our life. Life is so short. We should make it useful. People will say it is the time to gratify. We can live well until now, and did we say any thanks?

Whatever people say, I still won’t give anything on it. Tomorrow is still the same day. Tomorrow is still Wednesday, where the sun will rise in the morning, where I always have to compete with the sun, as always. There won’t be any significant warning for me that I am not mature enough to have the title of 21 years old. I still will be 21 years old, even when now I can’t manage my time well, or even I always need someone to wake me up in the morning.

Well, Julia has been a week in da house. She’s lovely with all the German’s character. But not the butt-head. She is so polite and looks fragile (or just because she’s that slim_). I don’t want to give any further comment, for it can be bad.

I regret one thing, that this last week I’ve been very busy with my friends, tasks, lectures, and research proposal. So that I couldn’t accompany her. I couldn’t even think to learn Deutsch. I didn’t know that she currently is a cat-walker a.k.a model until my mom found it out (and it makes sense with all her eating style).

I am looking forward to going to Karimunjawa with her, either just the two of us or with anyone. And to having Deutsch class, and to spending the spare time together.

I got to go now, I have to pick my mom soon.
Jaa, ganbatte, ne!


Approaching the nineteenth!

Hmm… At last i can push myself filling this blog.. Hehe.(^o^)
This is Saturday where usually i spend it on my bed reading comics and so on.. But it’s all about responsibility report (my term for rapat laporan pertanggungjawaban XP)…
Then the next thing to do is preparing my school next september for i must go for 3 weeks gathering with nihon-no hito (can’t stand to wait!!!)… Huaaaa, anatomy, i really love you (-_-;)…

And the last, two days ahead and i can’t act normally and pretend that nothin’s gonna happen!!! OH God please give that ‘general feeling’ to me…(u_u;)