Pascakunjungan Rumah

Alhamdulillah akhirnya jadi juga, kunjungan ke rumah mantan pasien dalam rangka membuat kasbes alias kasus besar; seorang anak dengan kejang demam simpleks, TFA, dan gizi kurang.

di depan rumah

Rumahnya tepat di belakang ‘pasar dadakan’ di Prembaen, daerah Thamrin, Semarang. Minggu siang itu aku ke sana, dengan sepeda motor, parkir di pinggir jalan yang disulap menjadi pasar, dan menelusuri rumah-rumah sempit dengan penghuni yang melebihi kapasitas.

Sayangnya si pasien dan ibunya sedang berlibur ke rumah nenek, jadi aku hanya bisa mewawancara ayahnya dan berfoto dengan beberapa anak2 di situ, ya tetangga, ya sepupu si pasien.

Dengan 13 orang yang tinggal di rumah ukuran 6 x 10 meter, mereka memiliki tiga buah kamar tidur dan sebuah ruang multifungsi: ruang tamu, ruang keluarga, ruang makan, dengan sebuah TV berwarna. Sebuah jendela di ruang itu, dan kamar mandi tanpa WC. Air didapat dari sumur artetis, dan air minum dibeli perliter (ledeng).

Kunjungan singkatku yang tak sampai 30 menit tersebut begitu mengingatkanku pada PBL (Pengenalan Belajar Lapangan) dulu saat semester 8, dan workcamp2 ku yang telah lalu. Tentang sebuah slum area. Tentang keluarga ceria. Tentang senyum dan tawa anak-anak. Dan tentu saja yang paling penting, tentang edukasi cara hidup sehat dan bersih.

See you later, kids!


AEYVE Fieldwork; an Unofficial Report

Name: AEYVE fieldwork in Tegalrejo, Semarang, Indonesia. Time: 10-15 November 2008.

General aim: to make a children center in Tegalpanas Prostitution Area.

Specific aims: to get information about the situation and children of Tegalpanas Prostitution Area; to gain complete data of children (number, name, age, etc); to observe local people’s opinion on the proposal; to assess the need of the local people and children; to hold a Forum Theater as a tool of problem solving; to have some fun with the children.

Sunday, Nov 10.

Five volunteers of AEYVE arrived (Saskia-Netherlands, Inge-Estonia, Edil-Philippines, Yanocchi-Japan, To-Thailand). Ayu-Indonesia as the camp leader felt inferior knowing the brief CVs of the participants.

An introduction and orientation of IIWC and the fieldwork were held by Mbak Puji.

Having finished the nice dinner of Indonesian traditional meals: Urap, tahu bacem, and ikan asin, all went to sleep.

Tuesday, Nov 11

Departure time was 11 am, after a long bargain with the car driver, to get a reasonable price to reach the campsite (1 hour from IIWC office).

Midday was arrival, didn’t manage to see Novib staff-the NGO we have cooperation with, so went to Tegalpanas (Galpanas–GP) to see the local leaders and say hi.

Lunch in warung. Rahmat-Indonesia came from Jogja, after exam. Orientation with Novib, and a little rest.

Dinner, again in warung: nasi goreng. Seeing the local leader of the campsite’s village.

Very first meeting: strategic plan for the whole time of the fieldwork; making questionnaires for both parents and children.

Wednesday, Nov 12

Hectic day started with going to village office (kantor kelurahan) to say hi and get demographic information. 20 minutes walking under the sun made Inge get sunburn. Continued with going to dusun’s leader’s house to get the demographic data, and succeeded.

Another walk to GP to start the interviews to parents. It was literally hot. Also asked parents to invite children to come in the afternoon.

Another lunch in warung, and rest. Started walking again to GP, to see the children. Quite a lot, 22 children on the first day. Took pictures, asked questions, gathered drawings from them…

Went home, another rest, first cooking by Saskia and Yanocchi. A real international menu for dinner.

Evening was steaming. Were satisfied enough of the data and what happened on the day. Ayu tried to computerize the data but soon fell asleep.

Thursday, Nov 13

Job division: Ayu, Saskia, Yanocchi went to the village office again to ask more information of the regional birocrates and how they work. Rahmat went to copy the data lent by the dusun’s leader. To, Edil, and Inge discussed about the forum theater.

Another nice lunch prepared by Rahmat and Edil as the cooking team. Another walk to GP to continue the data collection of children. Didn’t forget to invite the children to come again to Forum Theater. Asked parents, but seemed to be impossible.

Ayu, Saskia, and Inge went to traditional market of Merakmati (yeah, that’s the name) to print the children’s pictures. Saskia and Inge were the central attention; celebrities! Bought lots of fruits and veggies for the last day.

Last evening in Tegalrejo, so decided to take a look around of the real situation of prostitution area, in the working hour. Ayu didn’t join, too tired. Drench didn’t stop the schedule. Just a few minutes, continued with steaming. Feedbacks were really interesting. A huge work for the next camp on children center’s proposal!

Friday, Nov 14

This whole day was about the Forum Theater. Preparation was done: unofficially writing the script, dividing the roles, and twice rehearsals. It was about knowing the problem: the children in GP were rude in behavior; and giving the solution: to build a children center as a place to learn and play together.

Packing and cleaning were done before lunch. Ayu, Inge, and To cooked pecel, bakwan jagung, and tumis kol (Thai’s food Ala To).

Going back to GP along with rain and wind. Rahmat and To were successfully wet! Still fired up, though. 19 children came. No parents. Succeeded to make the children discuss and think of the problem and how to solve. were a bit disappointed by the ending, that the children preferred chaotic scene to nice and calm scene.

Rahmat was the central actor and speaker, and Inge was cutely decorated to look like a child. The ‘naughty children’-To, Saskia, Yanocchi succeeded to replicate the real situations happened among the children. Edil played really well.

Distributing the pictures to children. Helga and some others didn’t get any. Ayu promised to print and send them, somehow. Managed to say a nice yet heart-breaking goodbye to the children.

Another cleaning of the campsite. A finishing touch.

Saying goodbye to Ibu kos next door, and a real departure. A brief bargain by Ayu to get a rent-car, quite big, to drop to Gedongsongo before going back to beloved IIWC office.

A foggy view along the way. Nice and cold (fresh, in Inge’s opinion). One hour of steep walk, but Edil didn’t come along. To was lost somewhere but then soon showed up. Just knew that someone bids Gedongsongo as the world wonder.

Going back to Semarang, everyone was tired.

A nice dinner prepared by mbak Puji: sate ayam and mango. Continued with final evaluation, a brief and oral one. No minutes. Well, still important.

Then the fieldwork was officially closed. See you all~

Camp lagi!!

Tidaaak!! I broke my own promise. I was saying that the last camp was my really last camp. But then I failed to stick to that… Hehehe. Am enjoying it, though.

Kebetulan minggu ini aku libur, liburan yang berjudul, “Menyambut ko ass!”. Jelas sebenarnya kami dituntut (oleh hati nurani kami) untuk bermeditasi di rumah, memperbaiki niat, memurnikan tujuan, mulai menyiapkan bahan, dan belajar stase pertama. FYI, stase pertamaku kulit.

Dan apa yang kulakukan? Aku mengiyakan untuk menjadi campleader di Tegalrejo, sebuah prostitusi, dalam rangka AEYVE (Asian-European Young Volunteers Exchange) dengan peserta 7 orang (termasuk aku), selama 6 hari.

Sounds inviting, karena 1) orangnya dikit jadi ga ribet, 2) cuma sebentar jadi ga usa takut cinlok. Hehe. 3) tema tentang anak2 di prostitusi, jadi yang habis komuda anak sepertiku ini sangatlah bersemangat untuk ‘mencari mangsa’. (emangnya apaan)

Saya berharap dan berdoa dengan sungguh-sungguh, memohon kemudahan dan ridho-Nya dalam menjalani camp ini, selalu dalam lindungan-Nya, dijauhkan dari kesulitan. Camp ini bermanfaat bagi kami para peserta, bagi lingkungan dan penduduk sasaran kami, dan bagi masa depanku sebagai koas dan manusia tentunya. Amin.

Cloudy, rite?

I do not wanna sigh, for it was all my fault. But then again I tried to blame myself, in order not to be lazy like usual. I am concern about my marks. They were almost all, a carbon-chain. Yeah. Cs are everywhere. Hate them all.

While I have to focus on my camp, I had this thought: to escape from all my responsibility as a camp leader. I do want to run from being a camp leader. I need to fix my mistake. I need to study harder in this holiday. I need to join the short semester.

But then I realized that this was my fault. Being responsible to what we have done, though it was out of control, is a sign of being mature. Hey, I am almost twenty one….

One bright thing happens these days is just I improved in driving car, and I am on my way to get the driving license, in a proper way. Thus it will be cheaper. The price, yeah. It was the only reason to get the license on normal path. Being honest always feels good inside.

I am looking forward to seeing either harry potter movie or the final book. Well I plan to watch the movie together with Julie, the German girl who will soon come to my house and spend 4 months with me. She will be in Indonesia for voluntary service in Setara, an NGO concerning street children. I do look forward to having nice days with her. Since I am the host, my parents and I have to work hard in tiding our messy home. Hahahaha. Yeah, to be honest, we have to move many things and clean many places.

It’s three days to go to the big event of debating competition. I have not made myself ready either the skill of public speaking nor the materials. Well good luck to me, I mean good luck for the struggle!!!

Another nu crush

Well the work camp has over. I experienced good lesson, that I have to be more mature. I was just still a kid, apparently. Maybe until now, even now I am no more a teenager.

I am afraid this could be my last work camp, my dad had warned me. Because of one and the other things.. Well, I dunno. I just can do my best from now, and take as much lessons as I can from this beautiful camp (and also unforgettable).

I wasn’t a good camp leader at all. I was busied by other things outside the camp so I abandoned my responsibility. But apparently the Japaneses and all the participants gave so much respects and helps so that we could make it all together! What a nice team.. I will miss them, for sure. Already now, actually.

I was attracted to one of the participants just because of his physical appearance. But then I also got charmed of his brain and everything. The bottom line is I got crazy by that.. Hua what a weak heart of me… I couldn’t help it. Maybe I can, but I just won’t. Even he already has a girl.

Then I tried to take two lessons from it: I can get rid of my old (previous) crush for now my mind is occupied with the new one, and second one is I heard from someone (my new great friend-MINI) that love doesn’t have to possess. I still can like (if the word love is too terrible-it’s just for Allah, hopefully) him without having his heart.

Well I really want all of the readers to see what he looks like. But that is a ridiculous way to do, for sure..

I have to make the report of the camp, that will be my last thing to do as a campleader. And also the Griya Asa wants me to make an article about the camp.

Jaa, ganbatte kudasai!

Approaching the nineteenth!

Hmm… At last i can push myself filling this blog.. Hehe.(^o^)
This is Saturday where usually i spend it on my bed reading comics and so on.. But it’s all about responsibility report (my term for rapat laporan pertanggungjawaban XP)…
Then the next thing to do is preparing my school next september for i must go for 3 weeks gathering with nihon-no hito (can’t stand to wait!!!)… Huaaaa, anatomy, i really love you (-_-;)…

And the last, two days ahead and i can’t act normally and pretend that nothin’s gonna happen!!! OH God please give that ‘general feeling’ to me…(u_u;)