Pascastase Kulit, menuju Anak

It’s been a month since I graduated as a bachelor. That means it’s been a month since I entered the hospital as a co-ass. First round was dermatovenerology. It went just ‘so-so’. Nothing was too special. Yet I did learn things.

Well, to make it brief, I make a list on how I think we should do in that dermatovenerology:

  • try to come early, otherwise you’ll be pointed as the chief of co-ass (which equals to slave)
  • always find possibility to see the patients, at least the patients’ clinical features. Even if you must peek or sneak in
  • finish your tasks of completing 7 cases as soon as possible
  • teamwork is needed so badly, thus help your friends to do ANYTHING (because you’ll be needing theirs as well)
  • consult to cosmetic clinic if you have your OWN problem, e.g. acne
  • even the chance to get a night shift is so small, try to remember your schedule, when will you be in the night shift
  • do the follow-up 6.45 in the morning, 6.30 is better when your turn is in the ward
  • try to finish BEM book and UI book. It’s better if you can finish before the 4th week. Use the rest just to recall/ memorize.
  • Sign in the presence book just once for two signatures(morning and afternoon); in the morning or afternoon before going back home.
  • find books in internet (e-book) or Rifki copy center to enhance the knowledge and comprehension on this subject, even if you don’t have to memorize. Just read.
  • Must-have-books in hands: saripati kulit, buku Lepra (from Rifki), BEM, UI, small note book.

That’s all, good luck for everyone. Good luck for me, as well. Looking for getting feedbacks, or share from pediatrics maybe.