It was seven years ago, I remember, when I started watching soccer games and chose one national team and one national club to love. Now? I don’t even know what club Ricardo Kaka (my all-time favorite soccer player, for his look, of course) plays in.

There are times when you like or love something, get so obsessed with it but then don’t care about it the next year (or even day!). That is what some people call it as a phase. There are also times when you start loving something and it somehow sticks with you for a long time. It might be forever. It might become a new habit, a new part of you, be it a good or a bad thing. So that phase might linger and stay and will then not be labeled as a phase but simply as an attribute of you.

For me it mostly involves digestible things. I developed my love for coffee since around four years ago, when I lived for a few months in “the city of a thousand cafes” and I stopped drinking sweetened ice tea since my encounter with the Japanese, who simply don’t drink sweet beverages, almost eleven years ago. Oh, I should also mention that I never liked and will probably never like papaya since I saw my cute little sister with her fork shoveling papaya in her tiny mouth 27 years ago.

So you see, I am in a phase of loving running and listening to jazz. I may do them for few more years or I may forget them next month. But last year (sure, I mean last month) I had witnessed that running is so awesome that it has to be my lifetime goal. It was when I signed myself in a medical team whose job is to take care of the runners in a national running event. Well, we should all see whether I run for the rest of my life. About the jazz music, I can’t say much. I can’t sing jazz and I can’t play jazz, I just enjoy it. You know I only sing and play lame, boring pop songs.

Off I go now.