This is beyond midnight and I want to eat haloumi cheese, tabouleh, and pilaf.

I wonder how our taste buds possess a memory too. Sometimes we miss food more than we miss people or circumstances. Or is it just me, I wonder too. Is it just a simple craving? Unknown.

The longing to eat certain types of food comes from the strong memory created while eating, I suppose? Again, my second deadliest sin (after ‘sloth’) is gluttony. In plain language, it means I eat a lot and I love to eat and maybe my source of happiness is food. So maybe for my brain, the experience of eating is always delightful. Hence this mellow post about longing for food.

It is an hour past midnight and I am lying awake, thanks to a huge dose of caffeine this morning from a famous coffeeshop called Peacock. 

Anyways, there are some food that we don’t always find at where we live. We ate it one day in the past far faraway from home, and now it is only a memory. And now we miss the food. We want to eat it but we need to either go far away, or create the dish ourselves (hopefully local markets provide the ingredients).

Haloumi cheese, I don’t know where to find here in my city, is similar to mozzarella but tastes much better and chewy and oh-so good. Tabouleh is a mediteranian salad made mostly of parsley. And pilaf is nasi campur or something like that.

I would love to recreate those food just to feed my greed. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. We will see.
*still craving