A Shifted Arrow

Day to day i would like to have a cup of hot sugarless latte

And forget about my thesis

I would meet you today and tonight and tomorrow

Sharing my thoughts and my dreams and you would listen patiently

Day to day i would spend my energy watching you do your thing

I would help if i may but i am okay with just cheering and admiring endlessly

You know i dont mind if i resign tomorrow morning

Because i have what i need and i am happy

But life does not work that way

Sometimes my reality is unacceptable to others

Sometimes what i believe as a simple thing looks complicated and impossible

Often time what i need seems small and insignificant to others

But you know we all have God The Almighty, All-Knowing

I just keep the faith that i will be with you in my life, in this world and the hereafter

It might not be you, of course, i am fully aware

But I pray that God Made another one of you, to love me

So you see i am not that girl anymore

Who wants this and that, strives to be this and that, does these or those

I see my future being by your side

And do my thing and help you do your thing

And be forever grateful to have you in my life

But “you” here is non-existence.

I do not know where i am going now

My destinations are no longer “expert in medicine” or “author of inspiring books”

but simply a wife and a mother (if God Wills)

So i am on my way

The pathway with a newly shifted arrow

Shifted, not bent, not broken

And i am content

All Praise is only to God


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