Rambling on Friendship

It is English day! (Friday, back in my high school)

Sometimes you need other people to value yourself, to make you believe that you are worth it, to make you feel precious. But most of the time you don’t. But when you do, it is important to hang out and socialize.

So when you got to talk to friends who value you, it feels good. It might simply be an ego boost but you probably also need to be reminded that you are precious and worthy. 

Good friends will remind you of God, of the fact that we are souls residing in a body and not just mortals who would vanish on the dooms day. They remind you of the longing we all have to be united in the heavens.

I thank God for making me know those people who believe in me (and this starts to sound like a depressed note). I am grateful for the friendships that I barely kept but are still there. 

Indeed I stopped looking for bestfriends years ago and decided to be a bestfriend instead. It took years and I am yet a good friend to anyone I know. I try my best to focus on ‘to be’ not ‘to have.’

A partner for life should also be a bestfriend. They say that the best marriage consists of a very good friendship.  So this should mean that being a bestfriend is the key to a happy marriage .Well I am happy with the people I know who know me well (know my flaws) and still love me.

I pray that God let us unite in the heaven.


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