Another Language-Related Attempt

Hey there. It has been a while since my last post in English.

I have an only sister who is gorgeous and happens to be my best friend. She loves to travel, is married to a righteous man, and only a year younger than me (13 months younger, to be exact).

One day she texted me (yes she lives 90 km from home) asking me to join her to travel abroad. Whoaaa I said yes immediately after saying “maybe by then I will ask my husband’s permission but I would love to,” knowing that the date of travel was 6 months from that day and I dreamed of already having a husband by next year (aamiin Yaa Rab, Β or whatever is best for me).

My sister has been to several countries while I went only to Aussie and Changi in Singapore to transfer a flight (if that counts). At that time she was discussing about going to a country in the east Asia. I didn’t care, I wanted to go with her. She would be a perfect travel partner for me. We have been traveling just the two of us, for sure. Just like a saying, “it is not about the journey, but the company.” By the way, this might also apply to the idea of soulmates.

Now, east Asia? They don’t speak English unless it is Hongkong. Well, we intended to go to Macau, which is in Hongkong. Haha so what was the problem? Exactly, nothing. However, we agreed on that day to plan to learn a little Chinese so we can ask few things to the locals.

Having heard that Chinese is one the hardest languages in the world to learn (I ever heard Arabic and Danish are among the hardest), I was not so enthusiastic comparing to the time I chose to learn French or Dutch (though until now I still don’t speak any of those languages). But the point is that learning language is always fun to me. And I just found out lately after being her sister for 27+ years that we might share the interest of learning languages.

I said yes yes yes let’s attempt to take a Chinese class before the travel date which is few months from the time this post is written. I know myself very well that this plan might remain a plan, rotten in the corner as an utopic idea. Hahaha. But again, I am excited, and so is my sister.

Ni Hau Ma?


5 thoughts on “Another Language-Related Attempt

  1. baru tau (atau baru ngeh?) dai cuma beda 13 bulan sama adek (langsung ngebayangin aku hamil lagi dengan kondisi punya bayi yg masih 6 bulan >.<)
    aku selalu berkeinginan jalan (terutama keluar negeri) daaaan sampai umurku yg 27+ ini, belum satupun negara lain yang pernah aku kunjungin, semoga suatu hari terwujud, tp yg terpenting mesti konsisten menjaga keinginan itu tetap hidup, karena prioritas dah bergeser jauh setelah nikah. maka, sebelum nikah dai, manfaatkan kesempatan 'me-time'-nya πŸ™‚

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