Minding Own Business

I am a selfish person in terms of doing anything I need like eating, sleeping, etc. But I am a very generous person in terms of judging myself. I compare myself to anyone in this world and then feel unworthy or lame or suck because those people are always better than me. I feel that it’s selfish to judge myself but not comparing with others, it won’t be fair.

But you know what.. I was wrong, completely wrong. I should be more generous in the first case and be much more selfish in the second case.

I should help others and not think about myself. I should put others’ needs first and mine second. I don’t need to do everything I need or want immediately because those needs can wait while others’ might not. I am sufficient with myself thus I don’t need to be prioritized at almost anything in life. So for example if someone needs my help then that is my pleasure to help since I have all I need and I am so fortunate with everything I have.

Now I should be much more selfish on judging myself. I should not care about others regarding the way they perform or what they have. The way I compare myself to other people will only lead to envy and jealousy. I would always want to be like someone here or there. I should keep in mind that what matters the most is that I am better than I was yesterday, not that I am better than others. See the difference, dear myself?!

This post is raw and I am so bored to continue this.. Hoaahhm *yawn*


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