Dokter dan Hakim

I put an Indonesian title and wrote in English not for nothing. I intended to attract people to read this post, while I can still practice writing for my thesis (what?!).

It came all of a sudden when I do my routine at night; opening my blog, tumblr, twitter, facebook, gmail, yahoomail, and bank account (ups, forget about the latter :p). There were some updates in some of the sites I opened, but the most exciting was always the orange callout in this particular site. Obviously it meant something came, be it a comment or a follower or a thumb. Well, nevermind, I was just trying to explain why I bothered writing this topic in the first place. I was so furious about what I read from one of the callouts that I wrote this post.

I would like to introduce myself, again, that I am judgemental. I’m not necessarily proud of it, for sure, but what I also want to declare is that I am ON MY WAY to being MUCH less judgemental (it was just another self-suggestion that I needed to type in capitals). One of my efforts to reduce that troublesome trait is to stop judging (of course!). I even want to list anything that can prevent me from judging. Here are why judging is detrimental:

And who am I to judge you?

(Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill, a good song anyway)

Alloh Menghitung amal kita dan memutuskan baik buruknya kita di akhirat nanti, bukan sekarang di dunia ini; apalah kita main nilai orang atau sesuatu?

(A wise friend)

I have a big respect to anyone who are not judgemental. I want to be like them (yes, maybe like you, who reads this post). Teach meeee..

And, since I am more of an analytic rather than a synthetic person, I like to put things in analogy. I love figuring out why something happens, what are the factors contributing to an event, etc. Thus I love comparing two things and trying to extract similarities in order to implement one’s principle into the other. See my previous posts; just too many analogies I made, even too many irrelevant ones. Yet I kept going with this post. :p

Anyway, one of my analogies about judging anything or anyone is like hitting one’s gavel, being a judge to something or someone. The decision making is to be left to the judge who has the power and knowledge to do so. The judge will certainly hit his gavel saying whether someone is guilty after doing a thorough research on the case. As I said here and there in my tweets that the gavel we carry in our pocket should be discarded very soon because it is heavy. It will hinder our journey in this world, it may even make us slower in movement because of the weight. I am not playing judge in this life (aamiin).

Doctor might as well be an analogy to this. Doctors should not make a diagnosis without performing any examination. Can you imagine if a doctor says you contract a particular disease and then gives you certain treatments just shortly after he sees you even he has not spoken anything or asked anything to you? While he should have done the correct pathway of a decision making before giving any treatment?

Well, let’s say in another word this way: imagine a detective points his finger at one of the suspects as a convicted before investigating anything? It will always be good if the detective (or the doctor) is right about the decision, but how if he is wrong? What will happen to the suspected person (or patient)? Judging equals to making a diagnosis without any history taking and/ or physical examination, let alone laboratory work-ups. Simply risky if not disastrous. I am not saying anything about if the diagnosis is wrong despite the complete work-ups. That is another case that you may refer to good books, for example How Doctors Think. Moreover, there are exceptions like ER doctors who need prompt actions competing against time to save lives. However, are we facing an urgent matter whenever we judge something or someone? I don’t think so.

All in all, judging something or someone without me knowing the actual matter/ person is one of the last things I want to do in my life. Surely I am still light years away from being non-judgemental. Yet I am trying the best, may Alloh Help me, and us. Aamiin.

Going back to the title, let’s become a good judge by hitting our gavel properly and a good doctor by making a proper diagnosis based on evident. But I am pretty sure that searching through those evident might take a lifetime to finish, even more than that. We won’t know about something or someone thoroughly until we become a professor on that matter or until we put our feet in that person’s shoes. So now let’s not become a judge for we don’t search through the case, nor become a doctor for we don’t scrutiny someone’s history or perform physical examinations or order laboratory work-ups.


5 thoughts on “Dokter dan Hakim

  1. Weleh weleh.. Begini ya.. Ketika Orang Berilmu memberikan Ilmunya hanya ada 1 Kalimat “Semoga ilmu itu Berguna Untuk Orang Lain”.. 🙂

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