A Cliche

There was something that once did not belong to you, and one day it was yours, or at least you thought so, and then it was not yours again.

You called it a possession, but do human possess anything in this world?

Nothing lasts forever, they said. Nothing belongs to you, they said.

And there you are, crying vigorously like a baby.

Crying that what you thought yours was no longer attached to you.

You then praised your old times with that one thing.

how beautiful those moments were,

how precious the belonging was,

and there you are crying for not praising enough back then.

At the back of your briliant brain you fully understood that what was not yours would remain that way. It won’t come back to you whatever you do.

And deep down inside your heart you believe in the Divine power of Him that whatever happened was the best for you.

That the lost was part of your destined timeline.

And here you go again, crying for not trusting your God enough.


So, yes, indeed it is a cliche, that you don’t know what you got until it has gone.


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