A Note to Self

It has been a while. Anyway, I am changing but not as fast as I thought I would be.

I have been through some things. For example the New Age Movement (see google please) which was covered nicely by some popular books in my country, say Ippho Santosa’s books, Yusuf Mansur and Pencinta Sedekah tweets. I stumbled upon someone’s tweet revealing this and it all made sense. Those ‘positivity’ seems to be impossible. I would not provoke anyone to say bad things about someone’s books or whatsoever. It’s just the thought to put a trust in THE UNIVERSE itself has flaws. The fatal flaw? Associating others with ALLOH (menyekutukan Alloh, red.). Putting the universe before Alloh, while the universe itself is created by Alloh. And that’s it, end of discussion.

I felt like punched in my tummy when I knew about those whole cover ups by (maybe, who else) the illuminati.

I am still the old me who procrastinates almost everything (even going to bed, because it needs prep like brushing teeth and washing face), and I still don’t know what to do after all of these. Yes, the master thingy. I can only dream of being proposed by a prince charming in a shining armor who rides a white horse (a dark brown horse is also fine) . He would take me somewhere beautiful far far faraway from this reality.

Anyway, I found beauty in the Quran. I don’t understand the language. I don’t recite beautifully, as well. But I found it peaceful to just read it outloud. The sceptics might say that it maybe because of the self-suggestion. Whatever. Those beautiful ayah (ayat, red.) are impossible to be made by humanbeing. Just too divine.

Well, I found it startling that all I was asking to God is happiness in this mortal world. While the eternal happiness and peace can only be found in heaven, and that is the first thing that should come in our mind. This should be our very first ideal in life.

Well, Ayu, please enjoy your time. Keep  struggling and trying to be humble.


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