A Story about A Little Girl

One day lived a girl with certain characteristics. She was bold, talkative, and a daydreamer. Some people are just daydreamers. They imagine things and hope those will come true. Just like this girl.

At some point of her life, the girl found out that her dreams were just unmatched with the reality. She found herself to be demanded by the surroundings. The people around her expected her to be this and that.  She was trying her best to please everyone. Maybe that was one of her minor personality. She wanted to please everyone. Was it because she wanted to be loved by everyone? Why was it so? Was it because she felt unloved, at all? Well, enough for the psychoanalysis.

With those demands, she became a person who felt that her dreams were wrong. She believed she needed to fulfill the demands, that was why she turned into a totally different person from her own dreams. And by knowing that she might please the people around her, she felt a bit better. Even though she left her dreams away in her bedroom and diaries, she felt good being the ‘submissive girl’ to the surroundings.

Then when she grew up and met more and more people, she came across with another girl who were outstandingly intellectual. She was so happy she thought that she felt in love with her.  But it was all just the admiration. The girl had soon become her best friend. She taught so many things about life. The girl, I mean the main character of this story, finally had to listen to her best friend’s analysis on her. On how she felt better by betraying her dreams.

The lovely best friend told her that betraying her dreams rooted from the fact that she felt pushed to obey all things. She was feeling obliged to do this and that, while those were only choices. “Life is all about choices, my dear” the best friend told her.

She was startled hearing that from her best friend. She looked back at the past, and tried to think that those were all choices, it was all just a crossroad. She faced crossroads all the time.

Well, she tried to believe her best friend. She found it hard. But anyway she was just trying not to regret the past and starting to look at a brighter future.

She is now still a little girl. She once betrayed her dreams, but the paths she strides in are maybe just the perfect paths for her. And there are still more crossroads to come. She is now just expecting the best.


2 thoughts on “A Story about A Little Girl

  1. inspiring, kl nasi udah jadi bubur, skalian bkin jadi bubur ayam yg enak (meski q gak suka ayam, gak bs nemu istilah yg lebih bagus)
    now i do what she did, try to please my fam, put my own dream aside (hopefully for a while), n be happy with their happiness 😀

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