Coffee and You

I simply need to boost my TOEFL score, that’s why I really need to practice my writing skill.

It all started from an old story. It was you all the time. Here I won’t be telling about how I can finally be in love with you.
The point is that I am in love with you, and it manifested as many things.
I suffer from physical symptoms such as tachycardia and palpitation. Sometimes I felt there are so many (yeah, not only one) butterflies in my tummy. I sensed nausea as well. I often felt my mouth got dry, and my extrimities were cold.
And not surprisingly, I was just trying to mention the list of a sympathetic nerve activation. Not to mention the sensation in my mind: that you’re simply adorable.

I love coffee. I love the taste, and the smell too.
I love black coffee, or with milk, or capuccino, or whatever-cino.
I don’t really adore mocha, though. I love chocolates, but not to be put in a cup of coffee. The point is, I always want to involve coffee as my daily intake.
I haven’t really been bothered by the diuretic effect of coffee, or the brain-stimulating effect. It even helped me to focus more.
But then, my heart starts beating harder and faster whenever I drink coffee.
At first I didn’t notice that much. But overtime, it got disturbing. I felt uncomfortable with the pounding heart.
I read a bit about coffee. It has cafein, a brain stimulant. It also has antioxidant properties, just like chocolates. Sure, good things. But I can’t ignore my pounding heart.
Then you came. Again. Yeah, you were in my life. And I felt that you disappeared. But then you came again, just like now. You brought me that sensation I’ve mentioned above: the sympathetic nerve activation. I admitted that those sensations were a bit disturbing. But it went on and on, I tried to count and surprisingly it has been a year. I simply get used to that sensation. I even started enjoying it. I called it a chronic sympathetic nerve activation.
So now I miss you. Well, in my own world, my imagination, you were always here. But I have to wake up and continue my life without you here.
I used to feeling the excitement, your presence, the butterfiles in my tummy,
even through the virtual world. And I miss the activation.

So hey, did I actually miss my pounding heart? My tachycardia and palpitation? Oh really? I got addicted and I need that sensation, stat?
Is it the coffee I’ve been avoiding that I miss? Guess it’s a yes.
Now I found an escape to sense the activation. It is through drinking coffee.


I read that the maximum daily dose of coffee is five cups.
And I won’t be missing you that much I want to drink six cups or more.
If I have to be addicted to something, you have always been my addiction. But since the future is an outer space’s secret for now, I need a new agent for my addiction.
And I decided that it’s coffee.
Well coffee, I welcome you in my life, again.

Ayu. In an episode of depression. Mon, Dec 27th, 03.24 AM.


6 thoughts on “Coffee and You

  1. jodoh itu artinya ketika kita dipertemukan kembali dgn sesuatu/seseorang yg blom selesai kita kenal dan pelajari

    akan ada masa dimana darma telah selesai dalam mempelajari enaknya ” coffee itu ”

  2. I’m not into coffee, but don’t know why, I alwys envy the ppl who are coffee lover! Sometime, I pretend to be a coffee lover, just wanna hav such a cool-looking guy at the coffee shop, lol 🙂 but frankly saying, I cannot stand on the taste of the coffee. It’s bitter!
    Anyway, your article is just perfect. Not only the content, but also the grammar and the diction! Keep it up!

  3. *ngakak bentar… hahaha… :DDDDD
    oke, selesai.
    ngakak lagi dikit.. hihihi… :DD

    Hmm… my senses are numb lately… jd tidak bisa berempati optimal.. 😦 hmhmhm kita ke dufan aja yuk mendingan, naik tornado ama histeria, insya Alloh bisa memicu sympathetic nerve activation juga, 🙂 tapi mahal dan bahaya untuk dompet… hehe

    it’s a wise act dai, substitute him with coffe… anggap saja fungsinya sama dengan methadon buat org kecanduan narkoba… tinggal tappering off, dan perlahan2 lepas beneran… or else, datang other permanent substitution yg lebih terjamin, ngk akan datang-pergi-datang-pergi, 🙂

    I love you anyway… hehe

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