Mom-Daughter Convo

One day I asked my mom,
Ayu (A): Mom, in twelve months from now, I will be abroad, if Alloh Wills.
Mom (M): Yeah..
A: Is it okay for me to go there by myself?
M: Eh? Are you talking about husband?
A: …..
M: Even if it’s twelve months from now, if Alloh Wills then anything can happen. Allah Is The Almighty.
A: Amen.
M: ..and maybe you’ll find a husband there. Get married there..
A: *laughed*
A: And, about me being alone?
M: Well, dad and I would hesitate to let you go abroad because you are..
A: I know, I wake up late, my room’s a mess..
M: Haha, yeah. That.
A: And?
M: That you make easy things difficult. For us those things are easy, but not for you.
A: Like? Procrastinate things?
M: Yeah..
A: And? what else, Mom?
M: Just that.. Nothing else.
A: Really? I can go abroad if I can manage with that in the next twelve months?
M: Of course. I’ll go there as well, maybe with your sista, if Alloh Wills.
A: Yay!!!


2 thoughts on “Mom-Daughter Convo

  1. Huhuhu… Simple thing yet inspiring.
    InsyaAllah mbak, Indri turut mendoakan semoga Mbak Dai mendapat yang terbaik. Baik dalam urusan pendidikan maupun jodoh 🙂
    Semangat sist!!!
    *you’re not alone in procrastinate something (bukan berarti mendukung ut procrastinate lho :D)

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