What You Need

Inspired by Miss Abby in her blog (I found it in the wordpress homepage, guess this article is one of the most popular postings these days),

  • Google your name and the word “needs” [i.e. ABIGAIL needs]
  • B) Click search
  • C) Record the first 10 results

So I typed “Ayu needs” and click the google search, and I listed the top ten results:

1. Ayu needs response (yeah, especially response from my blog’s readers :D)

2. Ayu needs a lot of attention and love (couldn’t agree more!)

3. Ayu needs to rethink of who to get her inspiration from (no comment)

4. Ayu needs pria artis (sopo meneh iki? maunya pria atlit: Ricardo Kaka)

5. Ayu needs to maintain a certain composure/mood when doing a photoshoot (eh? you mean I am the model? Wow :p)

6. Ayu needs to think about moving sooner rather than later (moving abroad, you mean? Amen!)

7. Ayu needs to get rid of those tacky bangs (*shrugging shoulders*)

8. Ayu needs to stick to less vocally required records (I DON’T SING! Oh, and I am not Ayumi Hamazaki you’re talking to)

9. Ayu needs the Mamo’s permission (I only have Momo, not Mamo, and he’s my permissive cousin)

10. Ayu needs to learn a lesson (guess this is the perfect match to what I need. Fiuh at least it’s in the top ten.)

So guys, what are yours? 😀


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