The Question

I was having an insightful chat with my senior in medschool. She was talking about the pursuit of dreams. We made our own dreams, so we need to make them come true. Dreams are there to be materialized.

Then she asked me, “What are your real passions?”

Well it was all narrowed down to career. We talked about the clinician, researcher, lecturer, professor, and even simply housewife. We weren’t talking about any other thing like marriage or kids. It’s more on what next after graduation, except marriage. So there are some considerations, pros and cons on those mentioned above: clinicians meet the patients frequently, and if I have the spirit of healing or empathizing then maybe practicing clinical skills would be my passion. Researchers are people who learn something new for the rest of their life. So if I am willing to read and criticize things then maybe research is the best. And kinda stuff.

Oh, and money is tempting. I should remember it. I mean, it’s all okay if I want money as the major consideration to decide what and where my future will be. It’s a human right to choose.

Now, focus is a must and it’s something inevitable. And that focus can only be done by believing. I mean, how can people be sure of me if I myself can not even figure out what I want? Having a stance is a must, and the stance will gain focus. It’s automatic. Now I am not really sure where my stance is.

She kept asking me, “Now how about you? What is your stance?”

And I couldn’t provide an answer. I was not so sure. I need to ask my heart, again.

Thanks for the hard question, sist. I am contemplating, finding the right answer. My heart will answer it sooner or later. But the sooner the better, right?!

The cat needs to find out what it wants the most. The passion.
The cat needs to find out what it wants the most. The passion.

2 thoughts on “The Question

  1. iya, saya juga butuh deg-degan itu… dan saya lupa apa yang membuat saya paling deg2an… tapi utk sementara ini saya memutuskan saya butuh jarak. hehe… jadi di mana pun passion-nya saya ngk peduli… ;p (payah tenan to motivasine…)

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