Reasons to lose weight

There are so many reasons to lose weight, whether they are medical or anything…

Well, let’s jump to the reasons (randomly, not by the order of importance):

  • So that when I am pregnant, during the antenatal care, the doctor won’t be so upset or feel difficult in determining my TFU (Tinggu Fundus Uteri) or the engagement in the pelvic inlet.
  • So that my future husband will be able to carry me easily just like in the romantic films.
  • So that people who knew me in the past won’t say, “so sorry I couldn’t recognize you. You are so fat now compared to back then when we are….”
  • So that I won’t disturb whoever around me while I am sleeping for making nuisance by snoring.
  • So that whenever I am sick and go to the doctor, the doctor will perform the physical examination easily, e.g. in palpating my liver or spleen or even kidneys.
  • So that people won’t presume I am older than my actual age.
  • So that I will be stronger than now.

Well, seven for now. Will add more soon! šŸ™‚ Stay healthy, keep active!


One thought on “Reasons to lose weight

  1. Hahaha.. oh ini toh..
    Aku setuju tu ma yang nomer 2 šŸ™‚ It is romantic, whoever does it to you as long as you like him.. Aku tunggu deh sampe km keliatan lebih muda daripada aku mbak..
    *eh maksudnya* hahahaha

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