Intro [IKM #0]

It’s a good opportunity to spend some time at home to refresh my body and soul, and prepare for a better weeks ahead. Well, some comments just popped up in my mind, waiting to be displayed here…

‘Bout the project: I would say that this stase IKM resembles workcamp in so many ways. We worked in a group, we identified problems, we steamed for ideas to resolve the problems. We worked in a group of people means that we lived 24-7 together, and learnt others’ traits and habits.

‘Bout the living group: well this one for me is the toughest one, even compared to the living environment that sometimes bothering or many projects and reports that have to be finished. We learnt others’ personality, tried to cope with those, and sometimes had to argue on things. No, it’s not a new thing for me. Not at all. I spent my whole 3 years in a boarding school, 24-7 being together with other people as well.

Still, we have to tolerate others, or we’ll stress out.

‘Bout the environment: I loved being in Magelang, or Salaman.. It was cold out there. And reminded me of my beloved high. Yet sadly I didn’t have chance to visit it…So many rice fields there… So peaceful.. Fresh air.. And bad sanitation! Ups. Hehe

‘Bout the local people: they were very friendly and warm. Yet so pure, so angel-hearted. Many of them worked as farmer-employees. Started working early in the morning, went home when the sun shines like orange. The smell of the sun covers them, coloring their skins, making them look all the same: tan skin because of the sun. No shoes, no sandals. Just walk happily with a huge sack on their back, filled with rice. Cone hat made of rattan on their head… And at eve they were willing to attend our gathering about health issues.

Now I am heading to Jepara, to a place named Mlonggo, to have more adventures and exploration on earth, people, and myself. Wish me luck!


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