Don’t Blame God

It’s when we meet particular types of patients in the ward or day clinic in the hospital, or even in the ER. A child was brought into the room with ill-appearance or severe condition. Then the doctor and us (co-ass) perform the usual procedure- standard operational procedure of anamnesis, physical examination, and differential diagnosis.
Usually it ends up with bad thing to tell to the parents. “Sorry, you came here too late, Mam”, or “We’re afraid that your child couldn’t recover fully like before” or things like that. And sure it will be followed by this sentence, “We are doing our best now.” and so forth. Then they might start blaming God for giving them such thing. It’s often difficult for them to pay for the fee in the hospital for their child.

Well the moral is that people tend to ignore health issue. People don’t really give attention to their own body, to their own family’s health condition. They think that some symptoms showing up one day don’t mean anything. The symptoms might be something mild and will resolve someday. Then time goes by, but the symptoms persist, even get worse. Then they come and see the doctor and regret that it’s way too late. Those abandoned periods are the golden period of the symptoms (which mean diseases) to grow, expand, and become severe. Ignoring the symptoms means inviting bigger problems, because when a disease is already severe, it takes time, money, and effort to be recovered.
Then it’s not uncommon that these people blame the doctor for not being able to give therapies or to alleviate the symptoms. Some even try alternatives which often makes the disease worse. Well, not all, but some.

That is a very good example of Paradigma Sakit (Paradigm of Being Sick), while Indonesia now is promoting Paradigma Sehat (Paradigm of Being Healthy), to do promotion or prevention, instead of curative approach towards diseases.

If we can prevent, why should we even wait until the disease shows up then start to cure?

I strongly believe that health issue is one of the important things to be concerned by the government. But then health is beyond health itself. It involves the people in it, the sources, the system, etc. It needs healthy mind set and healthy executors to materialize a healthy community. Well, we need to manage the human resource, education, economy, etc to reach Indonesia Sehat 2010. Oh no, it’s next year!

I imagine that health issue has always been something to discuss or even be debated. I believe it’s part of government’s yearly plan to be in the campaign. It can be asked during the campaign on race of the presidential election. So, in the next presidential election, the answer to the question: “Choose one out of the followings: health, economy, infrastructure development, the thing that is the most important to be fixed to make a better Indonesia?” is NOT health. It is economy (or education, or human resource development, or depends on the options available). By having good economy condition, it will fix the mind set. It will set up a good paradigm of health, so that people will have more concern on their health, on their own body, to prevent disease, and to stay healthy.
Thus healthy people will make healthy Indonesia, which leads to better Indonesia.


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