Been through hectic days

It’s been a week since my cycle started in obgyn. Was lack of sleep, mealtime, playtime, energy, intelligence (that’s too bad). No wonder I dropped 1 kg (hahaha, no significant). Junior clerkship (komuda, red) means having thorough observations on everything that’s possibly observable. Including how the residents work and learn. And that’s the interesting part.

Why is it so? Because I believe they are very busy, very energetic (since I don’t see any of them using the elevator, even once), very obgyn-absorbed (no time for any other thing), and smart, for sure. Making me think again about having a future of becoming a resident of this department.

Anyway, even I’ve convinced myself that all these bold javanese- or- whatsoever- procedures that’s well-known in this department, I still consider that the obgyn doctor is one of heroes in the world. Heroes to mothers, hence heroes to the babies, hence heroes to the next generations. Awesome!!!


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