Finally, a contemplation

I am getting closer to what to call a clerkship in the hospital. I do want to prepare myself for that great opportunity in my life. Well, of course partly because I will be in a special group together with particular friends that I’ve chosen myself (and thank God they accept me), but mostly because it will affect my performance in becoming a doctor in the future.

Though I haven’t even thought what will be my clear pathway after graduating from this long-term struggle in the faculty, I believe somehow skill is number one capability besides communication, for a professional doctor.

I also realize that this eighth-semester-syndrome has overwhelmed my year so much that we get to talk about that all the time. What else?! Sure, marriage. I don’t think I deserve to give any comment even just a little. I know there are too much things I have to prepare, especially for someone like me who tends to put high standards but hasn’t even start stepping forward.

I was trying to say that it’s all about preparing two things, for a clerkship, and for a m****age. So funny to confess, but what can I do?!! Those are lying in my mind nowadays.

I try to set up a new behavior these days. Reading a book everyday!! Quite hard and impossible for me, I know. But it’s worth the effort! I’ve started borrowing books from my friends and piling ones in my bedside. Hahaha, but easily getting bored after a page or two. I really have to maximize my 24 hours if I want to finish those piles. Sure it means that maybe maximum time to sleep is 6 hours which is a disaster for lazy me >.<

Keep fighting, that’s all I know. Sometimes or even so many times I forget what my intentions in my life are. I forget that I have big dreams to catch. I forget that I am someday a great person in my own imagination, perfectly planned. I forget that I am born gifted and talented, so that there’s no reason to stop moving forward to get to my dreams.

Really, sometimes forgetfulness could stop me from getting closer to my dreams, to my future. So keep remembering the dreams is number two most important in our life, I believe. Without one, we wouldn’t go to a meaningful place, at all. We’ll just go, follow the flow, or be in a shadow…

I believe I have everything in me to catch my dreams, and I believe it’s never too late to catch up and run. we’ll run ss fast as we can, to a brighter tomorrow.

We know sometimes we get lazy, but whenever we remember that flaw, just start raising and run, and keep running, to that light in front that we’ve set up a long time before.

Well yeah, everybody has a light, and that light must be very bright it makes us want to go for it. And our life is to be sacrificed…

In a loneliness and sleepiness,
May 28th.


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