Going Back from Yogya

Hi All! (As though it was seen by anyone)
The result is not always exactly like what we expected, and furthermore, isn’t like what we have struggled for. Okey, I am talking about the JOVED. On that English debating competition, we did the best, I admit. But still, it wasn’t good enough. I admit we lack of training and gathering. Thus we found no chemistry among the three of us. We found it on the last preliminary round, maybe. Even though I’ve mentioned debate, debate, and debate, all the time in my previous posts, apparently it was disappointing. I found no one to be blamed. It was just me… And maybe some part of my heart is still there in Jogja. In the lodge. In the university. Or in the car.

Now I know what it feels like to be the Indonesian national team of football. It hurts. Despite the fact that we have to admit own weakness and other’s strength, it still hurts. Maybe because we ever hope. We expect. We pray. Hope is what keeps us struggle. Realizing that hope doesn’t always fit the reality, is one of lessons in life.

Going out from the word ‘disappointment’, there are still lots of thing to be learned. I claimed myself as a long-life learner. I love to learn everything (but only if I’m not that lazy). I learned how to debate, right on the competition. Wow, it feels good to see them debating. But I bet it will feel much better if I am there, and all eyes are on me. I see my and our mistakes through other people. I get to know lots of youngsters, who more or less have common interest. Yes, in speaking English, and arguing. Haha, pretty weird, I know.

There’s no waste of time, for sure. At least, I tried to convince myself that the previous month of having the debate’s prep wasn’t that useless. I suggested myself that learning is expensive. Whether time, or money, or energy. Learning is always expensive. It costs a semester. It costs half a million rupiah. It costs humiliation. It costs disappointing marks–Cs. Well, we could regret only and if only we don’t learn this lesson.

I’m fixing my whole-semester-laziness by taking short semester for 9 sks. I’ll have to work hard on it. I can’t waste my parents’ money on it. I can’t waste my time on it. Thus I should be into it.

Blogging activities should not be restricted, anyway. Haha, compared to what we were debating that this house would restrict blogging activities. There’s no need. We have done no harm. We just share what our heart tells us. We want people to hear our joy or cry or hope. That’s all. At least, that’s the nature of writing blogs.


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