Cloudy, rite?

I do not wanna sigh, for it was all my fault. But then again I tried to blame myself, in order not to be lazy like usual. I am concern about my marks. They were almost all, a carbon-chain. Yeah. Cs are everywhere. Hate them all.

While I have to focus on my camp, I had this thought: to escape from all my responsibility as a camp leader. I do want to run from being a camp leader. I need to fix my mistake. I need to study harder in this holiday. I need to join the short semester.

But then I realized that this was my fault. Being responsible to what we have done, though it was out of control, is a sign of being mature. Hey, I am almost twenty one….

One bright thing happens these days is just I improved in driving car, and I am on my way to get the driving license, in a proper way. Thus it will be cheaper. The price, yeah. It was the only reason to get the license on normal path. Being honest always feels good inside.

I am looking forward to seeing either harry potter movie or the final book. Well I plan to watch the movie together with Julie, the German girl who will soon come to my house and spend 4 months with me. She will be in Indonesia for voluntary service in Setara, an NGO concerning street children. I do look forward to having nice days with her. Since I am the host, my parents and I have to work hard in tiding our messy home. Hahahaha. Yeah, to be honest, we have to move many things and clean many places.

It’s three days to go to the big event of debating competition. I have not made myself ready either the skill of public speaking nor the materials. Well good luck to me, I mean good luck for the struggle!!!


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