Well, let’s become a true med-student!o

I am listing my schedule for these 2 months:
June 14: exam of ear nose and throat (chapter: nose and throat)
June 15: exam of pharmacology I (chapter: no idea!)
June 16: exam of internal medicine (chapter: endocrinology, rheumatology, haematology)
June 15-17: IIWC training for summer camps
June 25-July 5: final exam of this semester
July 13-17: JOVED

Well then, a lot of hardworks are absolutely needed here! Otherwise I will regret this gold chance to reach a lot of things. Especially being a real med student, who sacrifices almost anything to comprehend all the requirements to be a doctor.

By the way, I always enjoy watching football match lately (not really, since world cup 2006) especially those contain Kaka inside the team.


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