Dzikrul Maut

The most important thing in attending a funeral ceremony is to remember that we belong to Allah, The One and Only, and that we will be taken by Allah whenever we don’t know.

Now, it’s quite a different thing when it deals with our family. When it’s someone who doesn’t have any blood-relation with us, maybe it only will reveal our God-spot. It will be a reminder that we have to prepare for the death. But when it’s our family, all we can think is that we miss him or her. We might have no time to realize the essence of the death, that it’s a time to remind us about the existence of creatures, which is mortal.

I don’t have any idea what to discuss here, then. But I had something to share about yesterday in my grandpa’s funeral (my father’s father). It really made me cried for he was a very nice and patient person, and he was the one who encouraged me to make my first debut in withdrawing someone’s blood from the vein, as the requirement of being a real doctor.

Next is that I didn’t prepare much about the proper way to deal with funeral itself. I am talking about religious aspect. I don’t know what to do or what to avoid. Even  then I was exposed to something related to Javanese culture, I was too afraid. And for that reason, I refused to obey what my dad said. It was a bad thing I have done to him, for sure. I was so sorry about it. Saying yes to parents for something that is not related to sin is a must… I know that. I just didn’t remember. I wasn’t sure…

It’s an ironic to tell, but we have to admit that a funeral is another event to have a big family gathering. And, hate to say it, that being mingled with my big family is an enjoyable moment. Then I analyzed something from yesterday, that I tend to get closer to the children than to the adults. I mean, I avoided being around with my uncles and aunts, but I played a lot with my cousins. And my cousins mostly are way younger than me. We had nice games together despite the fact that the whole family wasted their tears that whole day. Well, I can tell to my mom when she gave me the flattery about me being the voluntary leader for the children, this is why work camp always be worthy.

Well, I still look at yesterday as a faraway past behind me. I ain’t even sure about the fact of me being more mature today. Haha, being more mature will always be my ideal in my life.


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