Tomorrow is the exam..

But I haven’t even buy the book of ENT published by UI. I also have to have my lunch before I get fainted.
This morning I got a phone call from R**i, the girl in my previous-camp site. She told me she had blood in her puke. That was bad.. I think it’s such a digestive ulcer, maybe in the stomach. But I don’t know exactly, since her doctor told her to be inpatient for a week. I mean, it could be a hepatic disease, or else.
These days I feel alone for no reason. I easily get mad of small stuffs, and feel much more susceptible to unimportant things. Tomorrow morning I have to fight for ENT exam, so i have to get rid of those bad feelings.
Well, blogs are made to be a trash bin for the writers. So I will list my sign and symptoms lately (I won’t say I am sick) that bother me recently: palpitation (it’s fun to write med-terms), tachycardi, a little bit of diarrhea, and meteorismus (another med-term, sorry). Oh, and a little abdominal cramp above the umbilicus..

Yeah, I am shouting to the med-students or even doctors, what do you suggest about those symptoms, what I suffer, and what to do then??


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