Still confused about the final project (alias KI)

I am searching for journals. And it’s the only thing that I thought would help me finding a problem for my final project. Even, I wouldn’t be able to answer, “What subject are you interested in?”
I would answer, microbiology, pharmacology, ear-nose-throat, internal med, oncology, HIV, or something else. But none of them would give me any clues to gain a question.
In the next phase I thought that maybe it would be better if I just follow someone, whatever she or he wants, wherever she or he wants to go, I would follow.
Then, I am starting to read, read, and read. Yeah, I got it! Reading can open our mind, and can gain our knowledge about something. And if u are interested in something, it probably will be one of the knowledge you have read. So, let’s read a lot, whatever it is.
For example, I read a little about NPC (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma). Then when I opened website about free medical journal (I love “free” things), I chose that topic to know more, and get some.
So maybe if I finished reading about HIV/AIDS or whatever, maybe I would be interested in it very soon, in no time.
Then after that, I got confused again. What to write? What will be my research?
It will be easy for me to change from one subject to the other. If I read a lot of stuffs, I will be interested in a lot of subjects, too.
I also want to be one of the lucky med-students who get involved in lecturer’s research project. They just continue the lecturer’s idea, and do the research, and get full attention from the lecturer. And they will feel relief before the other  students feel it. They will finish the final project soon with a satisfying mark.
So what to do, to be one? Getting the lecturers’ attention? Approaching them one by one? Being a bright student so that they will take a glance at me? Or just teasing them? What a …..
Still confused about the final project, then….


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