Final Exam and Voluntary Service

Hahaha, there’s no significant correlation between the two phrases in the title… It’s just because I am in the internet cafe while exam (I mean today is the first day of my final exams), and few days before I joined the training of IIWC, an organization concerning to voluntary service.

And now I am looking for a person who can speak France fluently. I am looking for the one who can have a chat or conversation with the one who’s native is France. She really needs someone’s help to cope with the situation and also with her feeling. She is now in Indonesia but can not speak English. So it’s kinda lost in translation. And she will be here for 3 months. Without someone with her who understands her, I don’t know what might happen.

Oh, by the way, she is a mid-term volunteer in Semarang.

Well that’s all, I have to find the person in the university. And the only univ which has France program is only UNNES. And in the whole Central Java, only UNNES and UGM.

Please pray for my (and our) success in the final exams of this semester!


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