Impressing blogs

Here I am, still I am, the one who always tries to write the blog in English. Pretty fussy, though… This day and also the day after tomorrow and next Monday I will have exams. A bunch of them! Well, so I guess it won’t be an interesting topic for now.
I am impressed that so many people write blogs in the internet, so that I can read their ‘thoughts’. Reading is much more fun than writing my own blog… Besides, I could not make a good one. I once dreamed to be a writer, or author. Well, to be one, I have to read a lot, whatever and whenever.
Since I am an envious person (haha, my own word-too lazy to check the dict), so I envy those people who have the blog and have the thoughts written there.

Next, I am entering my clinical subjects in my next semester. I must get prepared, otherwise I will be a bad doc**r… Yeah, even now I haven’t had my idea for the scientific paper (karya ilmiah-id) to fulfill the requirement to graduate. That was  awful. I really have to open my eyes and ears wider, so that I will be more susceptible to whatever is or happens in this world, so that the ‘problem’ will show up.

I sometimes feel empty, but sometimes I feel so cool inside (fresh or something, I can’t explain in English. Aha, maybe peaceful). I know what makes me feel that way. So I have to do things that will make me feel so cool and peaceful. Well, no offense, but remembering with humbleness that we are Allah’s creature and also doing what is called ibadah is the best thing human can do in the world. Ibadah here can mean as mahdoh or muamalah, whatever as long as it’s intention is just for Allah.

I have my own words this week about love (I make it by myself based on experience, but apparently it has been used before by whoever in the whole world. Maybe the readers (you) also have ever heard of them).
“I am doing this because I love You, and love can only be love when it is shown, given, and shared.”
‘this’ refers to whatever as long as it’s good,
‘You’ refers to who else? The One That Loves Us, More than A Mom could love her child.

Well, I mean, I haven’t been loving The One and Only, until I make myself good at doing good things, at all time.


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