Let’s blame the World Cup Germany 2006 for making me crazy about him! Yes, him, the one and only man in the WC who is the most handsome (of course in my opinion, even I haven’t take a look at the substitute players!)…
OK, here is the full story: I was elected to be the coordinator of the Porseni’s publication and docs team… And it has to be a sport thing! So i decided to know far more about sport, and i choose soccer, especially.Picturekaka3_1

Well, i started to get addicted and then soon after it, i felt sick to know he’s married. But i appreciated that he’s a devout to be a protestant.. Yeah, then i let it be by saying it was a luckiest thing for his wife to have him.

Hh, i really want to be a journalist for a soccer’s newspaper so that i can fly to Germany very now and start interviewing him!! Or, i’ve got another plan, that i will be a specialist for Sport Medicine and hence i can be one of the officials to take care of Kaka’s physical problems… Amin!!!


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