Such a hard life, ne*

Hmph, come again here as i am, truly lazy and procrastinating… I have to do the representatives campaign and then hold the Kodok Meeting, and then study about typhoid fever (it must be the first, rite?), and then try to gather the bulletin team, and then accomplish the names for the English In Campus Team, and then aaargh what-else-i-forget!!!

Allah please help me to be a more diligent and thoughtful and good time-managed and discipline person… And i know, really, that you are answering my prayer by doing all these things to me, right??? And if until all of these i can’t accomplished and beaten well, You will repeat again, and again until i get the lesson, right, My One and Only???

My greatest thanks is and will be just for Allah.

* It’s a Japanese style of saying a sentence.


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