I lost my ability to..

..verify information that I receive!!! It happens all the time, until now, and it starts from maybe a year ago. Since I enter the medical school! Hhh, I felt like I lost my ability to select and find the best information which comes to me. There are soooo much information that comes to me, and it was such a busy traffic on the main street.

There are too many example to mention, and too many disadvantages that I’ve already received from my stupidity. I have been stupefied by all those incomplete information, which absolutely was all my fault not to ask in detail and to confirm the accuracy.

The analysis would be like this: let’s blame the two side; me (a.k.a the information receiver) and my friends (a.k.a the information provider). My fault is I never confirm the accuracy of the information given, and I never ask in detail what happens or what that is. Then, my friends’ fault is they never say everything certainly. They were so often in using “I guess”, or “maybe”, or “I’m not sure”.

Well then, actually it was all my fault, and also it was the real me, to blame others! Hua, so sorry friends… I was just trying to make everything clear, that every single thing I heard from my friends has to be specified really in detail, and has to be confirmed soon. So that no one will be blamed for its inaccuracy!!!!!!

Oh My Allah, I just want to cry (my favorite phrase since entering the medical school!).


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