Isn’t someone missing me, like i miss them???

To Thee, the one whom i missed everyday, for i’ve never felt good enough to be Thou creature…

Thee, the one caring us every second, though we often forget,
Please take care of my big brother and my little sister, they are one of the best things Thee ever gave to me.
Please guide them in the right way, and please guide me too, through every mile, so that we can meet again someday, in your place.

Thee, the one who always pardon us,
Please forgive all of our sins, our mistakes, and for the time wasted not to useful things.

Thee, i know Thee love us, for Thee separate us in the bodies but not in the hearts,
for Thee has already linked us to something invisible, and invincible, just greater than blood-relation like we have.

Thee, now i’m doing this thing: sending a Short Message Service by Thou help,
please tell them i miss them always, and please tell them i love them exactly like they do to me.
And hence let our eternal heart-link be exist, for good.

Thee, i love Thee, even it’s too far compared to Thou love to us.
Please reply this message soon, i knew Thee will…


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