Well, welcome to da real life!

Yup, there must be a reason of my title: welcome to da real life!

I spent last Saturday in the anatomy lab. Why? Hm, let me explain. There is a rule here in my campus that student with A or B in Anatomy will be free from the final exam. And usually they help other students having compulsory to join the final exam by spending a few days approaching the D day of final exam in da anatomy lab and telling tips or cheats of things dat probably will be asked in the exam.

Yup, let’s get straight to the point, dat i want to be one of the straight A students and with all the kindness to help others. Yeah, i’ve tried. Being in the lab, wearing the lab robe and hands coon, and trying to do sumthin’ useful to the others. And know what??? I didn’t do anything, except standing all alone, do nothing, coz i didn’t have anything to do! Well, my friends asked me, ” please explain this part: arm and forearm” and (apparently) i couldn’t!!! I dunno, lose my memory or sumthin’! Hhh, i only could say, sorry, i forgot dat part! And was dat an appropriate answer for an A student??? I don’t think so.

And i guess it represented my ability of being the assistant ( my a-whole-year-dream!) dat i don’t deserve it! I wanted it, dying for dat, and i was dumped by my own reveals dat day…

It’s enough for da happy time! I’ve spent too much time for dat. Yup, for useless things like too much sleeping, watching rented DVD, hanging around with lil’ sister and big bro… Well, it’s already exam week, and this is the usual me: haven’t got prepared yet for dat!!! Completed with my sadness of my apparent disability to be what i have been dreaming of.


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