I still can’t recognise the Half Blood Prince

Alhamdulillah I’ve past some exams, and still heading some other more. It’s OK, as long as I remember my principal that preparation means half of the success. Well, everything that has happened should haven’t been regreted for we’ve done our best. Still facing some other preparation, and it should be much harder than what I’ve done.

I am finishing the sixth book of Harry Potter. Can’t stand to avoid it though this is exam week. And I am not ready to come to the end of the book for it was so challenging my English and imagination until now… Well I found so many unidentified words, new vocabs you know, and so lazy to open the dictionary. So I try my best to imagine the meanings. Hahaha…

So Daniel Radcliffe, do you realize that here’s another fan of you, waiting to be proposed? Hahahaha… Anata wa honto ni kakoi, ne. You can come to my home anytime, by anything, port key or just ‘apparate’!!!

Hua, just want to go home and continue the pages of the book, but still have physiology and else for the exams… Pray for me, I beg you!


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