take a deep breath

1. I haven’t made any half-year reports
2. I haven’t given the application form to Putri as the academic stuff
3. I haven’t submitted the judge’s name for NPC
4. I haven’t found 6 more people to go to Surabaya
5. I haven’t prepared for another STP for the previous one was totally ruined
6. I haven’t study for the next exam: Public Health Science
7. I haven’t given the proposal of EAMSC, even one, to sponsor in the city
8. I haven’t found the archives of the previous Scientific Paper Competition, I’ve lost it    somewhere
but of course…
1. I still can sleep well more than 6 hours a day
2. I still can laugh out loud
3. I’ m sure, i still can delay some other jobs, tasks, etc

So, I’m wondering, when is it exactly will happen, a time that i can take a deep breath as the sign that all of those tasks have been accomplished?

God, please help me- a lazy girl is begging u-


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