-The One and Only-

*In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful and Graceful*

…Allah, The One and Only God,

thanks for everything You gave,

for this faith, health, for all the completeness of my family,

for all the peace,

and for the obstacles You gave, special for me,

of course just to make me more mature.

…Allah, who sits there caring us, though here we sometimes forget You,

I do regret for my sins like doing useless things and so on,

like forgetting prior purpose of being Your creature,

like waking late in the morn,

like wasting my time just to do i-don’t-know-what,

like too many grumbles and humbles that in fact there are too many things to gratify,

like bad things that until now i can not realize them what they are.

…Allah The Most Merciful,

i know You love us, me and my family and my friends and all the people in the world,

so please keep us away from the hell,

from devils and evils,

from bad and useless things,

from arrogance and slavery to the desires.

Allah, The One Watches Over Us,

there is nothing else i want but Your kindness to lift me up from this fogs of emptiness,

nothing can be done without Your guidance,

without Your permission,

hence let us be near You always,

and get Your shines….

*Amen ya rabbal ‘alamin*


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