Some Other Delayed JobZzz

Why i always do this thing: grumbling, mumbling, annoying the honorable readers?!

Well then, back here again as da great procrastinator (Mrs. Andras’ term)>> me, myself. Yup, want to know my targets this month? Of course accomplishing to read that holly book.-you know what-!!! But till now, i still passed lil’ more from half of that book. And time left are 4 DAYS ONLY!!!! So when i tried to count, one day i have to finish at least three and a half Juz… And it makes me pessimistic.

Ok, da next news is that it’s close to Idul Fitri and i still go to campus… It’s nice, of course, i still can meet (some of)my friends, so i hope it can reduce the feeling of longing them for a long time.

Next, i have to confess dat i burdened by my title *Repre* for i’ve delayed some occasions, jobs, responsibilities dat i had to do, just for one reason: i cannot manage the time well. I can make dat sentence into branches (more detail one): i didn’t make schedule to go to Warnet, and then i seldom find my pocket empty (of rupiahs, of course!), i am the great amnesia-sufferer…

Hence thanks to my only God, Allah SWT that has given me all these things, to make me much more mature… Much more ready to get married! Hahaha…* I think it starts turning from the main topic*.

Hm, when i found my blogs are empty of comments, apparently i was pretty disappointed. Does dat mean no one reads? Hhh, Wallahu’alam, all i know is i just confessing my sins *haha* and expressing what’s in my mind.


me-who miss the reader!^.^


2 thoughts on “Some Other Delayed JobZzz

  1. DAI as a proscratinator? What a critical bullsh*t. Hahaha XD.
    In fact you’re very modest by nature and hardworker at heart!
    So what’s the point? Just wanna say : KEEP FIGHTING ALWAYS! I’ll right behind you!
    And… Happy Ied Mubarak. Grateful to have u as a friend. So sorry for all my stupie flaws and mistakes. May God bestows bliss and happiness upon u =)

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