Exam week! Huaaa!!!

This area is just for me, the one and only Dai in da world. So it’s OK if i only write about me, myself.

Ok, let’s change topic. I do realize as a medical student, i have to study more than the other ones in different majors (so many materials to read, annoyed by lab work)… But still, i’m making myself get used to these stuffs, and it’s quite difficult. Yup, i got the title for this day’s blog: my grumbling!

Yeah, that apparently i’m still the same old Ayu, who has 8 hours just for da nite sleep, and who still has only one hobby: sleeping!!! oh God, please help me!…

So, another topic is someone out there (d’ya know that term? it means outside my campus) almost stole my attention. Hhh, no more broken heart! I’m afraid of being broken-hearted!!! (Always not important, my blog… Sorry…).

_end of message


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